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… Eczema. I found a solution.

When I was younger I always had fairly bad eczema. I would get in on my arms, wrists, ankles, and behind my legs. As I got older it just sort of disappeared.

But recently, it came back & It’s worse than ever. I have it all over my face. How gross. It literally looks like I have some sort of disease. Plus, the itch factor is completely intolerable. This is why I haven’t been posting any real recent pictures of myself. It is super embarrassing and I feel so ugly walking around in public. I can cover it pretty well with my Kat Von D Lock-in Foundation and my CAO concealer, but that just burns like hell and makes the eczema even worse after I take it off. 

So lately, I’ve just been staying inside and being a hermit. 

After a lot of research and experimentation, I FINALLY found a solution that is working for me. This may not work with everyone’s skin type and is obviously not the ONLY way to get rid of eczema on your face but for me it works great. In just 3 days of this skincare routine my face is clearing up and looking more like it did before. I am extremely happy. 

So here’s what I did…..

1. Take Vitamin E capsules, Probiotic capsules, and Omega3 capsules DAILY.

2. Quit eating junk food.

3. Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine causes stress and stress worsens your eczema.

4. Avoid touching or being in contact with animal hair or other common allergens that may increase the desire to itch the effected areas.

5. Do not touch or scratch the effected areas. 

6. Use my skin care routine once a day until eczema is clear:

  1. Wash your face by combining OLAY Professionals PRO X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser and Repechage Sea Cleanse Foaming Seaweed Soap Free Cleanser. Be sure to use the OLAY PRO X Advanced Cleaning System. 
  2. Rinse face with WARM water. Not Cold. Not hot. WARM
  3. Pat dry your face with clean towel. 
  4. Apply the Repachage Hydra 4 Facial Mask for sensitive skin. Allow mask to dry for 15 minutes. 
  5. Soak a washcloth in warm water, ring out, and place over your face for 30 seconds. 
  6. Gently wash the mask of your face with the warm washcloth. 
  7. Pat dry your face with a clean towel.
  8. Apply Repechage Hydra Soleil Deep Relief Tea Gel to entire face and let dry.
  9. Apply “Hydrocortisone Cream, USP 1% with Aloe” to all eczema affected areas. 
  10. Apply Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil to entire face.